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Do you shoot with multiple cameras – if so, is there one in particular that you prefer to use or oftentimes drawn to? Or Which type of camera do you use for your shoots- and why do you use this particular camera?

Hello! My name is Daariyon Gardner and I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am 24 years old and work with a Nikon D7000 I use this camera because it's basic, simple, pretty resistant against falls and weather, and for lack of financial upgrades. When preparing for a shoot I attempt to get into the minds of whom I am shooting, Understanding why they have the specific theme, what it means to them, the importance, etc. 


































How do you creatively prepare for a new shoot? What inspires you while shooting?
What inspires me is the ability to make memories for someone else, to see their smiles and the happiness I can assist in bringing forth.


How much of your photography work is commissioned rather than personal projects you work on? Has your photography work reached the point where it’s bringing in a steady income?

I maintain more commissioned shoots over personal projects; I would say for every 3 paid shoots I am able to do 1 personal project.


At this moment in my life photography is not bringing me a stable and steady income, I believe this is due to the city in which I reside and the inability to find like-minded creatives, Yet I still strive to become satisfied with my work and showing others my work to gain a name for myself.

And at what point did you realize that photography could be a legitimate source of income for yourself? How far into your career was it?

I realized that photography could be a legitimate source of income about 2 years into my 4-year photography life. I have 7 images to show that I have done this month (Aug.2020), Most have been portrait style but I have added around 4 nature/ landscape images. 



Thank you for your time and this opportunity, 

Daariyon Gardner


 Daariyon Gardner 

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