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Mark Wilson's Interview

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Mark Wilson is a self-taught Christian Black American artist. Mark was born on February 2nd, 1995 in Hampton, Virginia. The self-taught artist started painting in February of 2019.  Mark is the creator of the brand Surf Don't Fall.


Can you describe your style to me? 

I would describe my style as wild and abstract.Being a self-taught artist I am unaware of terminology that consists of the art world. Part of me does not want to touch the purity of the unknowing and continue to move in a self-managed direction even when describing my art. I can describe my art as pure and raw. My art is a transfer of energy, storytelling, and a reflection of my spirit. 

Describe your creative process. How do you start a new piece?

My creative process starts with my mood. I use just about every medium you can use so every painting can start differently. At the start of using color and what material I can usually feel it like a sixth sense. The creative process has no true direction; it is literally what I am either told or want to do at the moment. It is wild and messy I don't think anyone can top how aggressive and wild I am during creating. My art is also made very fast. Usually, nothing is sitting and drying my pieces can be done in 4/5hours of nonstop working. When I make my art I can say that I will use my hands for painting. I need to feel the paint on my hands. It's something about feeling the materials all over my body that makes me feel a deeper connection to my creative work. 


What is it that inspires you most?

Life inspires me. I am far more than a painter. Painting unlocked a lot of layers of what I am capable of with my mind. Being a hypersensitive person I can feel everything in a room. This allows me to collect energy and gain knowledge in very unconventional ways. The inspiration is a riddle or rabbit hole. I can draw inspiration from a blank screen or wherever I could be literally I don't need much. Sometimes my mind can run on auto pilot and create sounds, images, poems, riddles, paintings, anything that I am aware of creatively could randomly be on autopilot at any time of the day. 


What does art mean to you?

Art is storytelling. I believe with my heart all art tells a story. All art is good art. Those that disagree with me have limitations on their perceiving the gifts that we all carry. It's a gift in itself to be able to connect simple color or small markings that someone may say is “bad art”. But I can break you down, I can ask questions, challenge you with a task because of my curiosity into your mind. We are all artists rather we claim it or not. You design your living space, the clothes you pick every day, etc.






















Is there a specific moment in time when you decided to hone your abilities and follow your passion for art? 

When I started painting in 2019. I realized that I had a gift so I just started running as fast I can with it. Growing up and even being a college football player my dream was to just own a business. Art made it a no brainer path to becoming my own boss and expanding myself as a creative. 

Where do you see yourself in five years/ Or What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

In five years I believe that I will be a prominent artist in the global community. It’s a lot bigger than art. I could care less about any of it, to be honest. It’s about people and helping others. I am now focusing on helping other artists sell their work, creating my own gallery space in Seattle, and serving my community as a Black Leader. In five years I will be tearing the gatekeepers to art a new one. Opening up spaces across the states to allow underrepresented artist opportunities at SELLING THEIR WORK. Helping artists of all mediums make a living off their art. 

But it is bigger than art. I was a football player my whole life. I played division 1 football so I am aware of the pimping of college athletes by the NCAA and the system that young black men are put into only to be sent back home with nothing. The school’s could care less. 

I am aware and have been exposed to the fragility of the black households due to the lack of the father figure being present. I am aware of the treatment of Black women across America. 

It is bigger than the African American community but that was my experience so that is where I will start. I am on my way to wreck and shake up more than the art world. I am here to help change people's lives for the better. In 5 years I will be walking that walk.

Thank you!

Mark Wilson. 


"The Spot"

"Black Unicorn"

"Smile For Me"

"Only Good At War"

"Why The Long Face"

"Tiger King"

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